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Tastings & Consultations

Tastings are by appointment only for two people. If you would like to invite more guests, please let us know when you make the appointment. We understand this is an exciting time and you may want others to experience the tasting with you. There will be a charge for more than one flavor or more than two guests. We do not keep frozen samples on hand. 

We do not provide tastings for cakes that serve less than 50 guests.  

So that we can help finalize your cake plans when we meet, please have as much information ready as possible when regarding guest count, flavors, cake shape, theme, ALLERGY concerns & decorating ideas.

If you want a specific cake design, we may require a photo. We reserve the right to use creative judgment. Like fingerprints, no two cakes are truly the same, but we will make every professional effort to come as close to your specifications as possible.

Order Changes

 We require 72 hours notice for ALL order changes. We are always happy to add cupcakes to orders to add more servings or a kitchen cake if you need to serve more guests. Because we do not freeze your cake or use cheap quick mixes, we must have enough time to properly bake, cool and decorate additional servings. 

Less guests than expected? You can easily freeze your extra servings.

Are Deposits Required?

Beginning Feb 1, 2018 we will REQUIRE a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT on ALL cakes $50 or more. Refunds will not be made for cancellations and are non-transferable. Deposits can be made by cash or credit. 

WEDDINGS: 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is due to SAVE THE DATE. The final payment NON-REFUNDABLE is due TWO WEEKS prior to the event. Cash and credit only.


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We frequently ask for your input to help us select the next special.

Cancellations & No Shows

We require 72 hours notice to cancel an order. The non-refundable deposit will be applied as a credit to your next order in the event of a true emergency and you have given us at least 72 hours notice.

In the event of a NO SHOW, Your order will be available for pickup until the following business day, but you are still responsible for the remaining balance. Deposits will not be refunded.

Pick-Up & Delivery

TIMELY PICKUP is appreciated and expected. If we have agreed on a specific time please make every effort to arrive on time. Frequently we have other customers arriving or need to leave to setup a large event. 

Your order should be placed in an air conditioned vehicle. Buttercream and fondant WILL sweat and melt as a result your cake may shift. We are not responsible once an order leaves our premises. Cakes should never be placed on car seats. Place them on the floorboard of the vehicle so that they are level.  

We work very hard to make these beautiful cakes for you and we would be just as disappointed as you should your cake not arrive as pretty as it left our location.